Happy Retirement

Here at Koyote Kennels many of our beloved Shibas have gone to extra special, qualified homes. With my expertise and experience with the breed and my dogs, I choose my forever homes very carefully. The majority of the time, the match seems to have been made in heaven. Not only do our treasured dogs get the best forever home I could hope for but we have the added bonus of developing lifelong friendships.

s I'm so very attached to my Shibas I only let them go to Calgary and surrounding areas with the hopes of always being able to see them again. Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful families for opening their heart and their home to one or two of our beloved Shibas.

The Boys

Magic 096 Majic

Img_3549web Huckleberry

Dakhu 015 Dakhu

Rebel 005 Rebel

Img_1008 Bear

Img_9594a Royce

Hoshi half-trim Hoshi

Img_7725 Austin

Img_0894a 007

Img_0214a Tatsu

_mg_0069-wm Samurai

Scan10002 Dai Kokoro

Conan1 Conan

Grizz-web-8304 Grizzly

Suri-8467 Suri

Maverick-9102 Maverick

Blueberry-9221 Blueberry

Nov 2017-4086 Razzberry

The Girls

Img_1108a Panda

Vixen 036 Vixen

Virginia 056 Virgina

Fav Tout' Suite

May 22 06 at field bc Sikoya

Fav Oasis

Hatchi Hachiko

Img_0262 Sundancer

Shelby face Shelby

Bandit-lowres-9707 Bandit

Lange-0403-web Kitsune (Kitty)

Lange-0583 Shomi

Secret Secret

Inuk Inukshuk

_mg_0035wm-1 Cheemo

Blossom_mg_0020-wm Blossom

Kalioncouchedit Kaleidoscope

Img_0685a Nana

Img_0938a Aoi

Img_0633a Velvet

Img_9971a Kaibutsu

Img_0020a Emiko

Willow 007 Willow

Roomphotos-7480 Strawberry

Roomphotos-7445 Ebi

Saki-highres-9747 Saki

Hikari-web-5284 Hikari

Nikko-web-5480 Nikko

Koko (komi)-5290 Komi

Sable-3116-lowres Sable

Sweet pea-web-8447 Sweet Pea

Treasure-8214-trim Treasure

Lacey-9168 Lacey

Poppy-9918 Poppy

Nov 2017-4176 Kactus